Castile Soap

Castile Soap. Simply put, castile soap is soap made without animal fat. Ours is made of saponified local oils. It’s so pure, gentle and natural, you can use it basically for anything that needs washing. You can use it as facial wash, shampoo, hand and body soap, shaving foam, dish soap, detergent, household cleaner, and even makeup remover and makeup brush cleaner. The sky’s the limit! Due to the nature of our local oils, our castile soap runs thinner than your usual liquid soap. Comes in two variants, unscented and lemongrass.


But extracting palm oil means that palm trees would be cut down, what about the orangutans that live up there?

Relax, our palm oil is extracted only from local palm trees and as far as we are concerned we have never seen any orangutans in the legal plantation from which the palm oil comes from.

Packaging: items will be wrapped in either foam sheets , bubble wrap or cardboard (all recycled of course) Courier standard plastic pouches will be used for shipping purposes.

Price: ₱150.00