Dry Shampoo

Contains no artificial fragrances and baking soda (which irritates the scalp and broken skin.) Everything that you smell in this product is 100% high quality essential oil, naturally derived, absolutely ZERO perfume. And best of all, no plastic containers and aerosol cans, just a sleek rose gold aluminum tub that you can reuse over and over. With lavender, vanilla, and seaweed to moisturize, balance sebum production, and promote hair growth.

To use:

pinch a generous amount and rub between your palms and fingers. Run through your hair focusing on the scalp to absorb oils and refresh your hair. Make sure to fluff out and pat excess off to ensure no trace of powder is seen (that would look very weird.). You may use a powder brush to apply directly onto your scalp. If you prefer a spray-on, simply put an ample amount into a spray bottle and fill with rubbing alcohol (ethyl preferred) or vodka (vodka works wonders!), on a 1:4 ratio (or more if you prefer) and shake before spraying onto your scalp. Dries within seconds. We urge you to reuse your empty spray bottles, and to use what you already have at home.

Self-preserving (i.e. If it works, it’s good. Possibly 2-5 years.) 50g (don’t be fooled by the weight — product is super light and 50g is A LOT)


non-GMO cornstarch and/or arrowroot powder, magnesium stearate, essential oils and extracts (lavender, vanilla, seaweed)


no additional packaging will be used. Courier standard plastic pouches will be used for shipping purposes.

Price: ₱150.00
Weight: 0.06 kg