Feminine Bar

Honey propolis, peppermint, tea tree and sampaguita essential oils power these slightly cooling, yet gentle, solid soap bars. Commercial feminine washes come in liquid form and in plastic bottles, which are both wasteful ways to make and use them. We turned them into raw, solid, glycerine based bars: plastic-free and would last a longer time. Self-preserving, but advised to use up within 6 months after wetting for the first time. Keep away from sunlight and excess water (glycerine melts fast when kept wet)

-Handmade with love in the Philippines
-Propolis is a known allergen. Do not use if allergic to bees. Discontinue use if allergic reactions occur.
-Bits and pieces in raw bars are natural. No worries, it’s soap and would stay clean.


The feminine wash stings and irritates my skin no matter how many times I had been using it.

Uh-oh, discontinue use, now! Bee propolis is a known allergen, and a stinging sensation is your body’s way of letting you know that it doesn’t like this substance. You might also try staying away from bees since you might be allergic to them as well.

I have ordered this product before but this one looks different.

Each batch is unique, but we use the exact same ingredients. Color may vary due to aeration, meaning some batches may look more opaque and some might look more yellow. Color varies from a translucent yellowish white to a clear deep amber. Product is sold by weight, so some bars might be smaller and some bigger, depending on how much air there is in each bar.

Packaging: Parchment paper, kraft paper. Courier standard plastic pouches will be used for shipping purposes.


Price: ₱80.00