Tooth Powder

How to use: dip wet toothbrush into jar to pick up powder. Brush as you normally would! Not recommended for children and sensitive teeth.

Tooth powders need some time to get used to as the texture and taste is very different. We have tried our best to make them taste like toothpaste (naturally, of course!)


My teeth feel more sensitive after switching to tooth powder. This never happens to me with toothpaste.

Tooth powders don’t contain glycerin, which is basically the sticky sweet substance that coats your teeth after brushing, protecting it against cold or sour food. Having a glycerin-free dental routine means skipping on this perk. The main goal of switching to tooth powder is waste reduction (because we hate those disposable plastic tubes) and a natural dental hygiene (we don’t use chemicals) so if you cannot tolerate the sensitivity then maybe the switch is not for you

Ingredients: Activated coconut charcoal, Aluminum-free Sodium bicarbonate, Bentonite clay, Lemongrass powder, Himalayan pink salt, Stevia leaf powder, Essential oils (rosemary, sweet orange, peppermint, tea tree, lemongrass)

Self preserving but keeps well since it’s dry. No bigger quantities available (for hygienic purposes)

Labels printed on recycled paper with ecofriendly inks. Glass jar with metal lid (lined inside so the clay doesn’t come in contact.) Recyclable. Color may vary due to bentonite’s natural coloring. 50g.

Proudly made in the Philippines.

Packaging: Items will be wrapped with bubble wrap, recycled cardboard, and tape. Courier standard plastic pouches will be used for shipping purposes.


Price: ₱110.00
Weight: 0.05 kg